CCB Business Coaching | Consulting Club Bratislava
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CCB Business Coaching

CCB Business Coaching is the core activity of the Club.

It consists of regular meetings, where you practice solving strategy/business case studies the same way as you would solve them during the job interviews to McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, J.P.Morgan etc.

CCB Business Coaching is accessible for the wide public.


What is it good for?

Job interview is propably the most important moment in your career. If you want to be confident at your job interview (consulting/non-consulting), you have to be competent. To be competent, you have to be prepared. To be prepared, you have to practice! Strategy case studies solving exercises your business problem solving and common sense necessary to solve the toughest job interviews and business problems.


Important information

  1. Preparedness and consequent success at the MBB job interview is the question of PRACTICE. Not studying frameworks, not networking 24/7, not understanding the industry. It is about being able to analyze a problem confidently and competently. Getting there is hard work and only 7-15% of applicants succeed. Hard work, that´s it. Sometimes it suck. We want to make this easier for you through providing platform to practice together. That is what CCB Business Coaching is about.
  2. Solving a case successfully  in 30 minutes is about understanding the logic and causality of corporate operations and processes and using business intuition. THIS CAN BE LEARNED and used for extremely wide variety of business situations. Framework is just a help at the beginning. It is not about using the right framework at the right time. McKinsey: „Do NOT be a framework robot. Be natural and enjoy the time solving the case study.“ – you can achieve this ONLY through consistent practice.
  3. Cooperation with other clubs, organisations, professionals etc. Is limited for the CCB Business Coaching, because CCB Business Coaching is drilling. It is the hardest but the most profit-making investment in your education and your career.